Alamo City Cryotherapy Reviews

Giselle C. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

I've been weight training pretty hardcore lately, and my trainer recommended Alamo City Cryo to aid with recovery.  I have to say, I love this place!  Jessica and Monique are super-friendly and make you feel so at ease.  It's a little unnerving standing in a cryo chamber while the temps drop to -200 degrees, but the results are amazing!  The ladies keep you company and talk to you while in the chamber, making the time pass quickly.  

They are also offering Normatec compression treatments, which quickly became my new favorite recovery treatment!  This involves either upper body (arms, shoulders, chest, and back) or lower body (legs and hips) for 30 minutes or 1 hour.  I've been nursing a shoulder injury since June and the compression treatment made my shoulder less achy and more mobile - I was sold!

Giselle C.

Eduardo S. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

Awesome!!!!  We do competitive obstacle course racing and since we found Alamo City Cryotherapy, its been our go-to place to get Normatec compression and Cryotherapy for fast recovery to get ready for the next race.  The staff is extremely friendly and explain everything in detail.  We are now repeat customers.  Highly recommend.

Eduardo S.

Laura A. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

Today I had my first session and absolutely loved it! Monique is amazing with explaining everything and keeping your mind off the cold. She’s so friendly and she makes you feel so comfortable. I can’t wait to do this again.

Laura A.

Dan W. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

They were very helpful and explained everything to me. The therapy helped my knee mobility. I will be going back.

Dan W.

K C. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

Jessica and Monique (such a sweetie) make the customer experience memorable and comfortable. Cryo can make you feel quite rejuvenated once experienced, you may even become addicted to the after effects. They also offer a compression type therapy that is great on the legs. A must if you are nervous about the cold. Please stop by!

K C.

James M. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

First ever time doing CRYO TREATMENT. I highly recommend it and the staff is awesome.

James M.

Lisset H., Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

I tried this for my first time today and the service I got was absolutely remarkable. I came in and felt completely at home. I will most definitely be back and soon. Will recommend this place to everyone! 

Lisset H.

Krista H. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

I can't say enough about this place - absolutely fantastic.  I've been dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, & muscle problems for 18 years.  Six months a doctor finally discovered an autoimmune disease that I'm now being treated for, but it's complicated.  While I'm building a plan with my GP & specialists, the compression therapy & cryotherapy are helping me tremendously.  I feel like a normal person, able to do every day things without pain & crazy weakness.  I even have more energy.  Two sessions in and I'm able to mow my lawn, take walks, and clean my house without needing to rest for 2 days afterward.  And the staff at ACC is so sweet.  Even if you don't suffer from any illness, I guarantee you'll still reap benefits from this therapy.  And the price is awesome too.  Thank you ACC!

Krista H.

Tracy L. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

I have been going to Alamo City Cryo for a few months now and absolutely love everything about it. I feel wonderful and have recovered so much quicker from my long runs after sessions. The shop is very quaint and clean and the owners Jessica & Monique are the absolute sweetest ladies! I highly recommend this establishment to anyone & everyone!

Tracy L.

Diana D. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

Visited Alamo City Cryo after my knee surgery. The staff and the experience is excellent. My knee feels so much better. I'm even walking and back at work after only 2wks post op. I definitely recommend the services offered here.

Diana D.

Matthew B. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

Works wonders for your sore and stiff muscles. Monique and Jessica are absolutely amazing people. Check them out, you will not regret the experience!

Matthew B.

Stefanie W. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

The ladies at Alamo City Cryotherapy, Jessica and Monique, were fabulous!  From the time I called to make the next-day appointment, they were friendly and professional.  I had told Monique over the phone that the day of the appointment was my birthday, so when I went to check out she had a little cake for me!  So nice!  The process was smooth and swift.  Took about 20 minutes in total for both my friend and myself to complete the check-in process and the treatment! The treatment was invigorating and both of us left feeling great!  We went on our lunch break and was even able to go and pick something up to eat all within the hour!  This is definitely a Must-Try for everyone!  Thanks, Alamo City, we will be back!

Stefanie W.

Ryu R. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

First Monique worked with me & fit me into her schedule even though I was short notice. Had a great experience, everything was explained to me as to what to expect, benefits etc. Monique was so nice & helpful through the whole experience especially the cryo. Never done it before but she made it easy on me. Thank you, Monique and I will be back. Thank you Ray Rodriguez for telling me about this place. As an extra, the location is so convenient.

Ryu R.

Celia C. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

I absolutely love Alamo City Cryotherapy- the compression therapy for my hips and legs followed by cryotherapy feels amazing - these ladies offer their services with such dedication, knowledge, and professionalism. You are treated as an individual with your own specific needs. Their smile and attentiveness alone makes you feel better.

Celia C.

Tiffany M. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

The staff is amazing and are very welcoming. The whole time you're there you are taken care of. I highly recommend Cryotherapy to anyone like me that's healing from surgery or dealing with inflammation. I'm currently on chemotherapy and this had no side effects and actually helped take its cycle and got the toxins out. I can't wait to go back.

Tiffany M.

Margret D., Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

Have tried many Cryo locations and the staff here makes this the best. They have won me over. Came to town in need of Cryo for a neck problem. They were generous to accommodate my schedule so I could get the maximum number of sessions in before I had to head home. Service and overall experience was first class!

Margret D.

America G. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

I had my first session and it was awesome!!! I walked in with a sinus headache, lower back pain, and EXHAUSTED from a long work day and walked out of there feeling rejuvenated!!! Thirty minutes out, my back pain subsided and my sinus headache was gone! The staff was fun, informative of the process, and made my whole experience comfortable. It was something I absolutely needed and a therapy I will continue to incorporate into my daily routine! Thank you Alamo City Cryo Therapy for making me feel so much better!

America G.

Tommy C. , Alamo City Cryotherapy Testimonials

I can never thank Monique enough for squeezing me in for an appointment, being so friendly and caring, and getting me on the road to instant recovery. Alamo City Cryotherapy is excellent!

Tommy C.

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