Why Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy in San Antonio - Alamo City Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy (Kryo-therapy) is a cold therapy that uses nitrogen gas (-230) to lower your skin temperature to around 40 degrees. So why would someone intentionally decide to place themselves in a -230 degree chamber for 2-3 minutes? Here's why. For years after vigorous exercise, an injury or pain and inflammation we naturally have always reached for some type of cold remedy. Which helps bring down inflammation causing the pain and discomfort allowing you to feel relief. Now we know inflammation isn't bad because it is a normal process of the human body. However, what if you could slow down the inflammation process for only 2-3 minutes during a cryotherapy session. Then once the process was over increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow to and from the injured area. This would allow for healing nutrients and inflammatory cells to the site of injury and help remove the damaged tissue. The best analogy to describe this is “groceries in and garbage out”. Groceries in refers to the fresh oxygenated blood to accelerate healing and inflammatory cells to clean up the damaged tissue.


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